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Symbol Guide

parking Parking (on premises or nearby public; not necessarily Blue Badge)
level Level entrance
step1 Single step
stepassist A small step that a wheelchair may be able to get up, possibly with a helper raising the front casters
step2 Two or more steps
handrail Handrail on at least one side
ramp Ramp (not always usable by unaided wheelchairist)
threshholdlip A small lip to the threshold, not usually a problem, but may be if added to any problems with the door
door_auto Automatic or button-press electric door-opener
doordiff Door difficult for some to open – may be a strong spring, poorly positioned handles, in a recess so chair can't get into a position to open the door
door_narrow_wc Door narrow for a reference wheelchair
narrow door Door narrow for pedestrian
hearing loop Hearing Loop (may not be in all parts of the building)
staff_assist Staff willing to assist (in a variety of ways)
stairs_internal Internal staircase to reach some parts
stairlift Stairlift (platform or with seat)
lift Conventional lift which can take reference wheelchair
escalator Escalator
large_print Large Print available
seating Seating for customers who can't stand for long
WC_accessible Wheelchair-accessible toilet